Although I love living in Australia I am a bit of a Europhile and with a dozen visits under my belt and a reasonable amount of French language I feel more at home in France than elsewhere in Europe. I realised this when I stopped translating signs or using a map to get around on the Paris Metro or walk the streets of central Paris. I came back to Provence in 2003 for a cycling tour and in what was a very hot summer I was struck by something. With the baking sun, clear air, the bluest of skies, the vines, the wild oats on the side of the road and the chirping of insects it reminded me so much of parts of Western Australia. So when the tennis season is looking a bit bleak in the middle of a Perth winter, it is hard to say no to an invitation from Provence. The old, stone perched villages, winding Luberon roads, vineyards, rosé wines, lunch on a sunny terrace, walks in the hills and markets brimming with Provençal produce are the things that make us go back. Having our own little 'Piece of Provence' is a bit of an experiment but we think you'll agree that life is pretty good on the Isle and in the nearby Luberon villages.



My first trip to France was when I was 34 years old, and from then on I was hooked. The people, lifestyle and of course food and wine are everything one could want. In particular I love the innate French sense of what is asthetically pleasing; such care is taken to ensure everything is beautiful from Paris store windows to bunches of asparagus in the markets of Provence.  For me, like many others, there had always been the longing to have my own little piece of France, and after meeting Simon 8 years ago that has now become a reality as we both thought "Well, why not". We wish you an enjoyable stay in Provence.

À bientôt.