The red house is no more :-(

There are some really interesting old houses in and around L'Isle sur la Sorgue. The house opposite us on rue Denfert Rochereau was one such property. It was akin to an old portly gentleman, with his large 'stomach' protruding into the street. In fact we did wonder how long the house would stand up before it ended up in the street. It was in definite need of some serious building stitching to hold the front facade on. We knew the property had recently been sold. One of our friends staying in our house, saw the For Sale sign and cheekily asked if we might like to buy it. Guests staying in early 2018 advised it was being demolished. We were sad to hear this as the old place had a wonderful fad

A Piece of Provence - The Book

Simon gathered up all of the stories from our last 6 years of buying and selling property in Provence and has produced a beautifully written and engaging novel. A Piece of Provence is available as a Kindle ebook from Amazon....... Prologue I opened an eye. “Read this” she said. ‘She’ being my beloved, my partner in French adventures and the mother of the two fur children. Her presence on the other side of the bed wasn’t that surprising. The ‘this’ was a bit more unexpected. She had found and read a short e-book written by an American woman who had searched for, bought and redecorated a small house in the south-west of France. “You will be amazed by the parallels,” she continued. “Some of wha

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