Some hints for where to buy those essentials - bread, cheese and wine......and milk and toilet paper and.....

Market Strawberries
Market Strawberries

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Market Oil
Market Oil

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Market Bread
Market Bread

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Patisserie Leyris (40 rue Carnot, L'Isle sur la Sorgue)


The Leyris is our 'local' having bought a little holiday apartment around the corner a few of years ago and so we are daily patrons even though that means we have to walk a lot at other times to burn off the carbs. The bread is lovely and Simon is quite partial to a pain aux raisins, but if your accommodation has an oven, our recommendation is the selection of mini-quiches or slices of big quiche. The big quiches change but keep an eye out for the scallop and hazelnut one - very different and very good.


They are closed on Mondays. We don't much like Mondays :-(


Robyn is a native English speaker and this may be helpful to you. 

Artisan Patissier, Boulanger, Chocolatier and Confiseur

Markets - Thursdays and Sundays - L'Isle sur la Sorgue


It is pretty hard to miss the market - it is set up all along the southern half of the island and runs through to the church in the centre. Starts between 8 and 9 and goes though until lunchtime. Go early in the height of summer - the crowds are crazy. The Sunday market has antique  and brocante stalls too in contrast to the Thursday market which is more typical of Provence with food, clothing and some household things.


Buy your fresh produce here on market days, it's part of the experience of living in a market town. Don't worry if you don't speak French, you're not the only tourist in town on market day!


Other Markets:

Sunday - Avignon

Monday - Cadenet, Cavaillon, Saint Didier

Tuesday - Avignon, Gordes

Wednesday - Avignon, Sault

Thursday - Avignon, Orange

Friday - Avignon, Bonnieux, Carpentras, Lourmarin

Saturday - Avignon, Apt, Le Thor, Pernes-les-Fontaines


Markets typically start at around 8am and end between 12 and 1pm. For a full listing of the markets in Provence click the button. 

Groceries - Super U (Cours Fernande Peyre, L'Isle sur la Sorgue)


We always do our big shops here including wine. The Super U has everything you will need from shampoo to milk. The French seem to drink mainly long life milk but the"U" always has a small number of bottles of fresh milk. It is about a kilometre from the centre island of the town towards the north east. It is walkable if you don't have a car - up the Cours Fernande Peyre which was refurbished in 2014 with new trees and pavement and a lot of wood. All of the old trees were seriously damaged in a huge storm and had to be removed. You need to take your own bags to pack your groceries into or buy a sac to reuse.


Utile (a small Super U) – Place René Char (walking down Rue Carnot away from the church, cross the river and it’s there).


This was renovated in early 2015 and is now a lovely store. It may well be all you need if you shop at the fresh food markets as well. Open from 8.30am to 8pm without a lunch closure but closing an hour earlier than that on Sundays and public holidays.


Petit Casino (6 rue de la Republique, L'Isle sur la Sorgue)

This teeny tiny shop is good if you just want some fresh milk or a chocolate bar or you forgot the wine. It is the only 'corner shop' on L'Isle proper.