A Day of Contrasts

A day of contrasts today. A tranquil start with the Gordes to Abbaye de Sénanque walk just after breakfast. Tourists don’t get up this early so the Abbey was quiet except when its bells rang out the hour. It nestles right in a steep valley and while only a few kilometres out of Gordes, might well be in the middle of nowhere. The lavender was starting to flower but was definitely not up to postcard view standard yet. We almost had the trail to ourselves at that time of day. We did battle with the markets again (an extraordinary Monday public holiday version) and carted home a white coffee table for Janette. Hot again today (although we are dropping a degree a day until the weekend according to the Méteo) so midday means hiding inside and having a read. Venturing out mid-afternoon we found ourselves at a bikie rock concert in front of the cathedral. All the Harleys were in town for their sixth such outing. This was pretty easy to work out since they all wore specially printed T-shirts for the occasion. Phillipe, mild mannered patron from Café de France, was splendid in crisp white shirt, leather Harley Davidson vest and a kilt. Not easy to miss as he moved around his realm. A colourful crowd, millions of Euros of shining bikes and a natural amphitheatre between the buildings and church - it was a fun afternoon and we stayed until the band packed up at 6.30. Dellas and I both noted that all suitable rock songs that can be sung at a bikie concert are sung in English. Good for us and lots of old favourites (it’s fair to say most of the bikies were not in their 20s and 30s). One guy appeared out of the throng with a child’s trike in hand and I remarked to Dellas “I don’t think he’s going to cut it with a machine like that”. Apparently, doing burnouts in front of the stage is highly regarded bikie concert behaviour and at a couple of times during the afternoon it looked like the middle of the town was on fire. It might have been a tranquil start but the day ended up anything but.


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