Magical Provence Evening

No daily blog last night because we were home after midnight. It was the final night for our New Zealand guests in Waterwheel and so we invited our Philadelphian guests from Market Village along as well and went to Au Fil Du Temps in Pernes-les-Fontaines about 10 minutes north of the Isle. The restaurant name means “As time goes by” and it certainly did. We sat down just before 7.30 and left close to midnight. After another hot day it was one of those perfect evenings for sitting outside. Still, warm and tranquil. As the evening drew on, the cats of Perne obviously thought it was a perfect night for prowling too but they gave the restaurant tables a reasonably wide berth.

The daily excursion was to St Rémy earlier in the day. It is possible to visit the hospice where Van Gogh spent the last part of his life and view his reconstructed bedroom and the garden where he spent a lot of his time. Back down in St Rémy proper it was market day, very busy in the streets and very warm as midday approached. We found a brasserie table and had a life saving beer and leg restoring ice-cream respectively before being treated to our free entertainment of the day. A chanteuse set herself up in the middle of the three way intersection outside the brasserie and proceeded to entertain the patrons with a selection of jaunty French tunes. She was a good singer and at one point there was a camera man with his sound man in tow perhaps doing a piece for local TV. It was very unexpected and all a bit of fun and colour. Pictures below.


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