Another Late Edition

Different excuse this time. After our late night and a pretty busy day cleaning and lugging we were early to bed last night (although we are French now so stopped for a couple of hours at lunch and went to Aparté which is right on the river. They have a pipe along the top of their awning which sends arcs of water back into the river for a bit of natural cooling). Still mid thirties every day, very much like an Australian summer until the big, black thunderstorm rolled down off the plateau de Vaucluse yesterday evening and chucked raindrops the size of large marbles down on the town. The middle of the street ran brown at the start as all the accumulated dirt on the cobbles washed away. We have woken today to a clean, fresh town and of course, our old reliable water wheel ploughing on outside the window. Dad and Sue can be reassured that the gas is working beautifully - and indeed apart from one blown bulb we are impressed that the Waterwheel is in good shape. Dellas made a simple change in the lounge room area by swapping the couch and single seater over and that makes the area much more defined now. We will do new photos when we can borrow the tripod. No photos from yesterday so a couple more from Van Gogh’s hospice the day before. The gnarly olives and the Alpilles in the background were frequent subjects of the Dutchman. We are meeting all our people today. Elayne the property manager, lunch with Victoria (real estate) and Robin (banker), mid afternoon with Peter (accountant), strata meeting for Market Village at 5.30 with Michel and Odile and then we have been invited to an open house soirée after that. Mainly all we know is that it is a bit house out towards the Fontaine so the details will have to wait until the next “Late Edition”.

St Paul de Mausole
Saint Paul 2.jpg

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