Cucuron and the Canal

After a week and a half of dead calm the Mistral has arrived - not with a vengeance though, only like a good breeze in Perth. First thing after breakfast I was up taking photos of the satellite dish on the roof of Market Village Apartment to send to Chris the TV man. Trying to balance on the rounded Provençal tiles and hold the iPad still in the wind was a bit of an exercise but the pictures are in the can (or in the 64G of NAND memory chips which doesn’t have the same ring to it). Chore finished it was off to the Etang at Cucuron on the other side of the Luberon massif. The big rectangular pond (see pictures) is well know to fans of a Good Year as the site of Max’s “obligatory cultural engagement” with Fannie Chanel. In fact, from memory, Charlie asks “Will there be girls? Can I come?” and Max replies “Yes…. and no”. Charlie gets to rub ice on Abbie Cornish’s sunburnt back so he is not too hard done by. Enough movie nostalgia for now though. In the summer the pond is cool, the fish plump and the plane trees arch high overhead to form a lovely shaded venue for a small collection of restaurants and a café/bar. We had our lunch under the red umbrellas you can see in photo two, right up against the pond wall. The temperature has dropped a few degrees now and after lunch and a couple of glasses of rosé Simon could have easily dozed off on the pond wall given a camping foam or something. Back in the Isle, any chance of a real nap was interrupted by a mercy dash to Avignon for our departing, accident prone, Market Village guests. Having lost two days at the start of their holiday after being turned back at the airport for having less than three months passport validity, they probably didn’t need to complicate things further by leaving a purse with credit cards and driving licence behind in the apartment. Anyway, the purse was duely returned in time and all was well. On the way to Cucuron we had stopped briefly at a roadside stall for farm fresh fruit and came away with plump strawberries, melon, cherries, ox heart tomatoes and white peaches. We planned to have the melon with some of the finest Parma ham from our Italian deli but that had to wait until after the evening walk. I had sussed out a canal path starting in Lagnes and we walked a meandering canal side walk to the aqueduct at Fontaine de Vaucluse, high over the Sorgue and the roads below. Bonus pictures 3 and 4. We did over an hour but there is plenty more to explore another day.

CanalWalk 2.jpg
CanalWalk 1.jpg

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