Lucky Number 13

Today we had our buffet delivered - photos below. Also one of Simon in his chair. We have been detailing and doing some minor repairs at our Market Village Apartment today. I

used so much Javel (bleach) that I couldn't sign into my phone using fingerprint recognition! In between the morning and afternoon cleaning we had our lunch. The desserts were particularly nice - photos below. Simon's French has moved to a new level today as he and the neighbours engaged in a very robust discussion about the location of the house number Simon had installed at Market Village Apartment. I will let him elaborate..... I don't think the neighbour likes the notion that foreigners own Market Village, or that to negotiate with us he has to use his wife as a go between. It removes some of the spontenaity from the argument. Without going into the details, Monsieur is prepared to go to war over a street number - apart from that it is all going well. Fortunately Madam is more amenable and we have come to an entente cordiale for the moment. They have a couple of problems with the mail being delivered incorrectly and their doorbell being rung for the apartment upstairs but their problems are not changed by us having a street number. Hopefully they will see that with time! Raining and cooler tonight, a nice change. Bonsoir


Front door of building.jpg

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