Un Pigne

Good afternoon, We were almost going to call it “No Paper Today” but there will be a short news update. We spent the morning at Leroy Merlin (Bunnings on steroids), Auchan (the one at Le Pontet like putting an enormous supermarket and a huge K-Mart together and then enlarging your first idea), Maison du Monde (like Freedom) and Ikea (interestingly, exactly the same layout as the one in WA). We found most things although paint is a bit of a challenge because you can’t see what you are getting, only read about it. Dellas’ terrace at Denmark is going to have to have the genuine pine cone like finials called pignes. Even though we knew this word it stumped the guy at Leroy but to his credit he found one in the iron mongery , door handle sort of section. It was perfect, nice and plump, non-rust aluminium and everything - but they only had one so we will have to order some on line and get Elayne to ship them or something. We don’t know many people in the Luberon so it was a little surprising to see Dennis and Anne from last Friday’s soirée in the carpark of Leroy. We exchanged pleasantries and went to Auchan to get a new TV and DVD player for Market Village. We had definitely earned a café crème and an escargot (pain aux raisins, pastry swirl with sultanas, one per week as a bit of a treat) at the Paul. Who came up behind us at the counter but Dennis once again. “I’m getting the feeling of being stalked now” I said as we laughed. Having found all our things we spent the afternoon fixing, hanging, sanding and painting. We were tired bunnies as we wandered slowly round the quai looking for somewhere open on a Monday night for dinner. The Carré Rond was open and it has been reliable before so we stopped there. Dinner was very good and we wiped out plates clean. As they were being cleared away I pointed to the stalk from the cherry tomato garnish, the only residue of my meal remaining. “Pour le chef” I explained. Monsieur the owner who was our waiter had a good laugh and suggested that Dellas’ salmon skin was being offered in the same way. Getting close to the longest day,


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