Only three days left...

Not much business to do yesterday, just a visit to our favourite banker Brave, Brave Sir Robin. OK, it’s just Robin in the branch but yesterday evening was his theatrical debut in his village over near Nimes so we have a few new names for him. His character in this very modern play is attracted to his son’s boyfriend. The other name we have is Robin of Garrigue - the Garrigue being the scrubby woodland in that area. All a bit Monty Python!

So, back to holiday activities for our last three days in the Isle. We started with lunch in the country. Because of its popularity we had had to book our table a week ago at Domaine de la Camarette out the back of Pernes. This is a wine estate that offers some accommodation and dining as well and the dining is very popular. It was also a perfect day with that clear Provençal light and around thirty degrees. They serve their own wines and so at €17 for two courses and €11 for the vino we dined in style for not much expenditure. The entree was very memorable, photo below, with finely sliced carpaccio of ox heart tomato, a red capsicum salsa, battered courgette flower, a quenelle of caviar d’aubergine and topped by a brilliant yellow capsicum sorbet. So close are we to the longest day now, it was still sunny and warm when we set out for our evening walk above the Fontaine de Vaucluse at 6pm. After descending to the town for a bit of a poke around we met Raquim, a fourteen year old dog that rides around in a little plastic crate on a scooter. We had to take a photo of him too.

Today we are looking at some properties. Victoria is taking us to see a house that is only a few houses down the road from our Waterwheel Apartment and then a three bed apartment somewhere else in the town too with the people from La Foret. Will let you know how we get on.

Tomato starter
Biker Dog - Fontaine de Vaucluse

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