The Plombier

We have been very busy doing bricolage. We have finished the work in the living area at Market Village Apartment - photo below. The room is brighter, we got rid of some furniture and painted some to lighten it up. But today was really all about that fine piece of bathroom furniture, the toilet. It started in a harmless enough way with the application of some dilute acid to a rust stain. To do this effectively the water to the toilet had to be turned off as it was running gently. And then one should really sort the running toilet because it was causing the rust stain. A trip to Mr Bricolage produced a replacement washer which was duly installed. The water was turned back on and that's when it all went to to merde. The gentle running was a stream and water was pouring from the little tap. The water was turned off at the main tap, the old washer reinstated and the inlet supply jury rigged. A trip to Avignon was made to Leroy Merlin (saviour of the DIYer) and an complete set of toilet inner workings purchased. We have the fitting of these to look forward to tomorrow. The guests due in tomorrow do not know their peril!

We did have success with the satellite man though. It has become more difficult to poach UK TV in the south of France because of a satellite change. There used to be a 5 degree leeway and you would still get a signal but now even a degree either way is enough to lose picture. Chris and his SatFinder made some small adjustments and we were back on. We thought we might be up for a new dish. A win there.

There was no late edition yesterday we we were out at the most brilliant restaurant for dinner - La Maison de Celou at Chateauneuf de Gadagne which is about 10 minutes away from the L'Isle. See the trip advisor review. I will let the attached photos speak for the fabulous food.

Pizza tonight from the Pizza van. (Simon reminded me that the night we arrived in the Isle to take possession of the first apartment we were late and tired due to the delayed flight into Nice and hour long hire car queue, it was already dark because it was October and the first meal we had was from the pizza van - as good then as it was tonight)

Dellas and the Plombier

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Beef Main Course
Chocolate Dessert

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