Saumane Driveway

Only two more editions from Provence before we head to Paris on the 23rd. Yesterday we went to Gordes for lunch and a bit of a wander. I managed to pick up a lovely linen tablecloth and we bought a bottle of the delightful balsalmic vinegar that we had enjoyed during the meal.....and it is made in France! The drive home was via the Plateau de Vaucluse and Saumane where we happened to come upon this impressive driveway.....the plans for the driveway at Denmark, WA have just been upscaled! You can see from the sky it was another miserable day in Provence! A spot of house hunting followed with Victoria. Two properties were viewed, one of which is only 80 metres down the road from Waterwheel the other on rue Carnot and about 100m from Janette's place. We caught up with Elayne our new property manager in the evening, enjoying a lovely bottle of Lanson champagne on her terrace at sunset. It is a hard life in the Luberon. However the best bit of news is that Simon replaced the whole toilet mechanism at Market Village Apartment yesterday in 20 minutes and without even a drop of water leaked! Today we are off to the Ventoux (for Richard Mawle) and to Bedoin (for lunch). Victoria is selling a chateau up that way and there may even be the opportunity for a peek inside. And tonight is the Fête de la Musique....more about that tomorrow. Over to Simon.... I realised as we did a circuit through the plateau yesterday that we hadn't had the GPS out since our trip to Marseille and the coast. I think we are becoming locals. Either that or Dellas will have to call me Plombier et Navigateur. Delusions of grandeur she says! See you in the Final Late Edition tomorrow. Bon journée

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