The Parting of the Waters

We met the Market Village dwellers for dinner last night. Lori and Sheila, both aged 50 and Americans residing in Vancouver were lovely people and a nice evening was had even if the musical talent in the town didn’t match up to the terrific band from the Harley gathering a couple of weeks ago. We dined at the Mistral and the restaurateurs are relatively recently back in France after having spent 8 years in Vancouver. Their daughter was visiting from Vancouver and helping out in the restaurant on this busiest night of the year and so our guests found plenty of common ground.

Being locals we started our market day today with coffee at the Café de France during which time we had a word to Pam who we met at one of our house viewings the other day. 20 years in the area and previously married to a Frenchman but now selling up to head back to Sydney. As we farewelled her the Canadians strolled up so we passed on a few market tips to them. We farewelled Robyn in the bakery, Elia at the Italian Deli and Kate at the markets. It was quicker when we didn’t know anyone! Dellas found some lovely fabric for the dining chairs yet to be restored for Château Denmark and the market also yielded up perfect melon and cherries. Things are really starting to hit their peak now. A couple of photos from our evening stroll to the parting of the waters. Lots of locals and dog walkers out but you hardly see a tourist out that way. We did see one of the traditional local punts in use for the first time though and even the pet dog was out for the ride. We’ve had a great stay in our town, some new ground covered, some old favourites revisited but we are both relaxed and agree it has been a good holiday. Not many messages from Australia so we presume everything is trundling along OK. Paris in the morning and then Simon is off to Champagne.

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