The new oven is in!

When we purchased Le Vieux Platane it did not have an oven. We bought a convection microwave to 'make do' until we could work out what to do. The kitchen will be gutted and renovated at some stage but not in the near future and without doing that we are a limited in what we can do. The end decision has been to sacrifice one of the two banks of drawers to install a proper built in oven. Joseph the electrician has done a great job and we now have a lovely new oven for heating those morning croissants or a slice of quiche for lunch. Elayne has shuffled the storage around a bit and it should all work really well. Simon and I look forward to trying it out in June next year. I will have to get on and finish painting the kitchen cupboards and drawers in June too - no rest for the wicked!

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